For many of us, the New Year means clearing out and editing our homes. And while we are definitely in favour of minimizing clutter, the reality of family life is that we need lots of stuff – for hobbies, for special occasions, for different seasons and for different reasons! So this year, rather than an extreme purge, let’s focus on organizing – finding the best ways to store our possessions – quickly, easily and even beautifully. 

There are lots of ways to claim extra storage; the trick is to make it functional, space efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Below are some of our favourite ideas. Prepare to be surprised! There are exciting innovations here that go way beyond the tried and true:

Entertainment Consoles.

We love our entertainment equipment, but yes, it creates clutter! These consoles provide a home for every item, keeping wires hidden and everything tucked away in perfect order. (Some even have a slot for a sound bar.) What’s best is that these pieces are available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and configurations. And because they look great, you can proudly make them a focal point in your family room.

Lift Top Cocktail Tables.

 These tables redefine multi-functional, transforming a cocktail table into a dining table or office desk in seconds. What’s more, the table tops conceal storage space for items you’ll need to work, eat or relax. How clever is that?

Beds that Maximize Storage and Space. 

You can never have too much storage room in a bedroom. And while beds with drawers aren’t a new idea, they have been reinvented to bring sleek and chic to this storage staple. Another exciting new option is the storage chest. By day, it maximizes your space, by night it opens into a comfortable bed for guests or for everyday use.

Storage Benches/Chests.

Ideal for a virtually any room – consider a storage unit with bins, drawers, slots and shelves – whatever you need to tuck away your things. Plus, many offer a bench top for convenient seating, perfect for a hallway, kitchen or back porch.

Desks That Do More Than Work.

Offices are a magnet for clutter, but don’t despair! The right desk can keep you organized through 2019 and beyond. There’s no limit to your choices – in size, style, finish, legs/pedestal, colour – and of course, storage ideas. One of our favourite innovations is a desk equipped with two A/C outlets, USB ports and a power adjustable top surface, letting you change the height with ease to sit or stand while you work.

In 2019, let the right furniture help you banish disorganization and welcome order into your home!

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