Trying to find a sofa that’s both stylish and comfortable for your home can be tricky if you’ve only got a small area to work with. You won’t want to take up all your floor space with furniture and yet you still need to create a room that’s relaxing and pleasant to be in all year round.

To help you strike the right balance and create a room that’s cosy rather than cluttered, we’ve put together some tips on how to select sofas for small places.

So, which sofas are the best fit for a smaller room?

Two-seater sofas

Compact but still able to seat two people comfortably, the two-seater sofa is a great choice for any room size. Whether you prefer a fabric cover or something more durable and easy to clean like leather, we’ve got plenty of options to suit all budgets and tastes.


Few things are better than relaxing at the end of the day in a big comfy armchair. They’re another great pick for smaller living areas as they can easily fit into the corner of a room. You’ll also find that armchairs come in a huge range of designs and sizes, from squashy reclining styles with padded cushions to compact tub chairs with attractive wooden feet.

Love seats

Smaller than your standard two seater but larger than an armchair, love seats can be the perfect size for one or a snug spot to cuddle up with your other half. They’re also brilliant for smaller homes as they fit better into narrower living rooms and are much easier to get through your front door than a standard sofa.

What should I keep in mind when selecting a sofa for a small space? 

Whether you’ve decided to go for a cosy loveseat or you’re still in two minds about the perfect seating arrangement for your lounge, here are a couple of space-saving tips that are worth considering:

Select your sofa or armchair colour carefully

Once you’ve decided on your perfect seating style, you’ll want to also think about the colour of your new sofa or armchair. Lighter shades often work best in smaller rooms as they’ll help open up the space instead of making it seem cramped. Small rooms can often look quite dark, too, so you’ll want to try and brighten yours up with lighter tones and some eye-catching accessories.

Think about the style

Bulky sofas with large arms and thick cushions, although supremely comfy, can often eat up more space than you might think in a room. Try going for something smaller that’s still comfortable but will take up less of your valuable floor space.

Consider a sofa with a dual storage function

Having a sofa that doubles up as something else is often great for a smaller home where you might have limited storage. A two seater sofa bed might seem like a great idea if you haven’t got a spare room, however, make sure you measure your living room beforehand — it’s no use having a sofa bed if you can’t actually open it up!

Another thing worth considering is a coordinating footstool which not only adds a comfy extra to your seating arrangement but can also double up as a storage box if you chose one that’s hollow inside. You could also opt for an ottoman that can handily function as a footstool, a coffee table and an extra seat when you have guests.

Discover more ways to transform your cosy living room with our small spaces furniture solutions. 

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