Dining Rooms: Tables, Chairs & Entertaining Tips!

One of the top trends in 2018 is a return to a designated dining space – whether big or small, elegant or casual, open or a ‘proper’ room. It’s about time! Nothing brings friends and family together like a delicious meal in a beautiful space.

The Modern Collection

The Modern Collection

At the heart of the dining room are the table and chairs. Once, choices were limited. Today, your options are endless. Consider the variety of options available:

  • Style. Whether you like traditional, modern, farmhouse, industrial or transitional – casual or formal – there are endless choices!
  • Shape. The classic rectangle is still perfect, but ovals and circles are popular too. Today, table bases are much more than ‘four legs’ with choices from pedestal to trestle to sawhorse and much more.
  • Size. Your small space can still house a table and chairs! There are lots of smaller scale options as well as tables that perform double duty and offer storage.
  • Finish. Polished dark wood is timeless, but is it your favourite? Light woods are popular again, or you can choose distressed wood, grey-toned wood or fresh white. How about mixed finishes or accents of metal, mirror or glass?
  • Seating. You can choose traditional matching chairs, of course, or perhaps mix it up! Have you considered bench seating or a banquette? How about special armchairs at either end of the table? Leather, upholstery, plain, patterned – what suits your style?
Plank Road Collection

Plank Road Collection

Top 10 Tips for a Fabulous Dinner Party

Whether it’s a Holiday dinner party or just a meal with friends, here are some of our favourite tips to make it a memorable meal:

  1. If you’re serving hot food, be sure the plates are warm to help keep the food at the ideal temperature.
  2. Experiment with your centrepiece.It doesn’t have to be flowers! Try an elegant display made with fruit, veggies or brightly coloured-foliage.
  3. Use the china, even if it’s an informal meal or take out!Serving chips and nuts as appetizers? Put them in a crystal bowl!
  4. Light with candles and low watt lamps. Nothing destroys ambience like harsh lighting! HINT: Ivory and white candles are best – always unscented.
  5. Light your backyard to open your space and prevent the ‘black window’ effect.Keep the windows exposed and illuminate your garden.
  6. Always use cloth napkins at the dinner table!
  7.  Use paper guest towels in the powder room. Much cleaner and fresher!
  8. Don’t try a new recipe at a party. Prepare something you’ve served before to rave reviews.
  9. Have a second bar/drink stand in the living room. It keeps guests mingling.
  10. Send guests home with a party favour.Even the smallest thing is appreciated.

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